Very low end Chinese, Japanese or Korean bows very often present significant problems with rehairing.    These very low end products are usually shodily made and at best do not represent a good value when it comes to rehairing.   They can be identified by the crude workmanship on the stick, grip and especially the frog.   Usually a low end chinese bow of this type will have what appears to be a rosewood frog with is dull in appearance and has brass ferrule and adjusting screw. Many times the peal slide is glued in place and often not removable making the bow unrehairable or requiring a frog replacement which would be a non cost effective investment. Also, Korean, Japanese and Chinese bows sometimes are supplied with a plastic frog of very low strength at the tongue (upon which the ferrule rests.)   These bows have a very glossy look to the finish on the stick.


We offer a great solution to this problem. If you send us one of these bows, we will automatically replace it with an upgrade for just the cost of rehairing. So what you receive back is a higher quality bow for what you would have paid to have the one you sent rehaired. We will supply a brazilwood bow with a half lined ebony frog with pearl eyes to the sides. The final determination of which bows to rehair and which to replace is solely the decision of our firm.